Mandapeta is a small town situated in Mandapeta Assembly and Amalapuram
Parliamentary constituency of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Situated in the midst of
lush green paddy fields, the college caters the needs of students coming from clusters of hamlets
and villages surrounding this small town. It offers co-education with annual system of
      This Degree College was established in 1989. Ever since, the college has been mostly
catering the educational needs of youth of poor farmers, agricultural workers, socially depressed
and under-privileged sections of the society. Though the physical comforts offered in this
Government College are modest, the students are pursuing their studies with the strong belief
that education alone can resurrect their families and deliver them from the bondage of poverty
and penury. Education in all its diversity is the need of the hour for these young men and women.
The college emblem proclaims our motto -- Krushi tho Naasti Durbhiksham the time-tested
recipe for success. Industry and hard work alone augment acquisition of knowledge and this
helps our youth imbibe all the complex skills, multiple talents, myriad intelligences and varied
        Quality is an evolving and a dynamic concept as it implies excellence and refers to
standards which tend to change with times. The time has now come to undertake sincere
evaluation, introspection and appraisal of the activities of the college through the standards and
norms set by external, autonomous and competent quality assessment organizations like the
National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
                    The complex process of external evaluation will go a long way to help the college know where it
stands vis-à-vis its mission and objectives, enable the college to identify gaps, understand deficiencies, initiate action plans and implement the same in realizing the vision of the college.With these thoughts we lay this Self-Study Report before NAAC and invite the peer team for assessment, exchange of ideas and guidance.