History is the study of the past. This study would also include learning about humanities and social sciences. Past historical events, practices, cultures, languages, art and many more things are studied too.

Ancient History: The branch covers the past events dating back to the beginning of writing and recording of events, incidents, discoveries and innovations. The study of Ancient History extends as far as post-classical history. This branch covers all continents inhabited by humans from the period of 3000 BC to AD 500. This involves the study of Greek History, Western History and much more.
Medieval History: This branch covers historic events which happened between the Ancient Period and Modern Period, which expands from the 6th to the 14th centuries. People learn about the Mughal Empire, the British to colonized India, and the history of China to the Gupta Empires.
Modern History: This branch deals with history which has been coming down from the 15th century onwards. This covers the empires, rules, world wars, democracy and the industrial revolution. There are World History and Indian History under this branch.